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#CreativeAmChats is a monthly hour long Google Hangout with 5-7 people you don’t even know (or maybe you do, or you heard of… you know, let’s not split hairs) talking about a monthly topic/question.

Alicja will schedule, assemble, and lead the discussion. Participates will change monthly, and will have to agree to a code of conduct.

When: 9 - 10 am est
Date: Every fourth Thursday
How: Google Hangout
Listen: Anchor

Sample Topics

  • Managing an Agency // March 28 Topic

  • How do you give a productive and actionable portfolio review? // April 25 Topic

  • How important is a degree when getting a design job?

  • Is social media ruining our world?

  • Design Community

  • Why Curiosity matters!


Past Topics / Listen

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