How to design a studio apartment?

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When you have a small space to work with, you might find that having storage space and multifunctionality is essential. Multifunctionality also includes storage for personal belongings. A few design tips for a small space include: Mirrors, Light colors, and Storage space. The following are tips on how to design a studio apartment. Just remember to be creative! Remember that a small space is not always a small space!


Considering multifunctionality when designing a studio apartment is an important step to making your space function better. While a studio apartment may be open and spacious, there are ways to define areas. A tall shelf, for example, can create a home office. This space can then be used for other purposes as well. Similarly, you can incorporate a storage unit with multiple uses into your design. However, be sure to consider the space’s size and how much storage you need.

Choose furniture that is multifunctional, as this will make decorating a studio apartment easier. Multifunctional furniture pieces are great for storage, such as beds that come with built-in drawers. Ottoman cubes can serve as extra seating or a foot rest. You can also choose lightweight shelves or cabinets to hang on the walls. A multifunctional piece of furniture will make it easier to fit everything you need while still keeping the overall design aesthetic clean and simple.

While many people think of a concealed kitchen as the best option for a studio apartment, it is possible to find ways to incorporate more functional space into the design. Consider a concealed kitchen, which can fit everything into 1.6 metres of space. It can also be hidden away when not in use, making it into a convenient cupboard. For a separate sleeping area, consider a loft. Lofts are great ways to open up floor space and create a separate sleeping area. Try to incorporate multifunctional furniture into your design, such as a wall bed that can be used for both sleeping and working.

Multifunctionality is a must when designing a studio apartment. KC Design Studio has an apartment that features a kitchen with a swing out dining table, a bespoke room divider, and an open plan master bedroom and dressing area. The minimalist design of the apartment is accentuated by a concrete backdrop with wood-clad volumes, and the industrial style kitchen leaves exposed ducting for a more streamlined look. The furniture is also almost always multifunctional.

Storage space

The best way to maximize storage space in a studio apartment is to choose small furniture with multiple functions. Use storage-friendly furniture such as an ottoman that doubles as a seat or coffee table. Install wall shelving where possible. Many people opt for open face shelving, but it may not be possible on every wall. Make sure you have a space for these items to remain hidden when not in use. Make sure to consider putting a shelf in the living room for storing clothes.

Another way to make the most of your small space is to create a closet. While some studio apartments are designed with offset spaces, such as the bedroom and living area, other studio apartments are simply one large room. To create a divider, you can install a shelving unit or a traditional room divider. Alternatively, you can build your own closet using shelves, cubbies, or a standing clothes rack. Remember to check the lease before you do this, though, and seek advice from rental property management experts before you try anything.

If you’re a shoe aficionado, you’ll need to find ways to use your doors as extra storage space. Besides storing shoes and accessories on shelves, you can hang hangers on bathroom and bedroom doors. Closet organizers can also be used on doors as a place to store small items. Use circular shelves to hold magazines and mail. Using vertical space to store small items is an effective way to maximize storage space in a studio apartment.

If you don’t want to spend more money on renting additional space, consider self-storage. This is an inexpensive option that can save you a lot of money. The best way to make self-storage a part of your apartment’s budget is to find a storage unit near your home. There are several ways to make a studio apartment feel more spacious than it is. If you don’t have a lot of space in a studio, you can still use under-bed storage.

Light colors

If you are trying to make your studio apartment seem larger, try using a bold color on one wall. Use bright yellow or orange hues, or go monochromatic with white trim. Both these colors give your studio more depth. Pair them with accessories that tie the look together. Use yellow accents on the furniture and wall coverings, such as art and painted shelving. Light gray is a universally popular neutral and will go well with white trim.

A soft, blonde hue with white trim will make a small space feel warmer. Beige is also a great option, and rarely goes out of style. Or go for a bold, vibrant color such as mint green. It will add some character and energy to a small space. If you’re on a tight budget, try using a mixture of light and dark shades. You can also use bold accent colors like accent pieces and accessories.

If you’re renting your studio apartment, you might want to consider using more bold color combinations. If you have windows, consider using darker colors in the bedrooms. However, if you have a tiny laundry room, a bright color could give you a boost. A vibrant hue will give you a sense of cheer and excitement in your small space. And don’t forget about your walls! Even the smallest space can get the attention of a prospective tenant.

If natural light is an issue, consider a dark color instead. Natural lighting doesn’t provide enough light to illuminate a studio apartment. Natural light is often absent at night. You might even want to consider common lighting fixtures like bulbs and chandeliers. This will provide adequate illumination, but not overwhelm the room. The colors of light and dark can be paired to create the perfect mood. You can even use accent lights to make your studio apartment feel more comfortable and stylish.


Hanging large floor standing mirrors in a studio apartment will give the appearance of more space. They also serve as decor pieces. They can be strategically placed to give the illusion of a larger space, which is great for a small room. The large mirror can also serve as a focal point of a room, adding visual depth and making it feel bigger than it is. Whether you hang a full-length floor mirror across from a window or lean it against a wall, mirrors will add visual depth and a sense of space.

A good way to increase the overall size of a room is to place one or more large mirrors. However, large mirrors can be expensive, so it might be better to opt for cheap mirrors. You can purchase a few inexpensive mirrors and paint them in the same color. You can then group them together in a single spot to give the room a more organized look. However, the placement of the mirrors is just as important as the size of the room.

While adding mirrors to a studio apartment will make the space appear bigger, it will also make it feel more spacious. This is because mirrors will reflect natural light back to you, creating the illusion of more space. Furthermore, mirrors are timeless, so you can try getting creative with their placement. These simple yet elegant home additions will never go out of style. It’s important to note that mirrors are perfect for studio apartments because they do not go out of style, so a small apartment can benefit from it for many years to come.

Depending on your budget, you may want to opt for a simple vintage mirror with ornate detailing or Swiss watches. This will trick your eye into thinking the space is larger than it really is. Mirrors with a larger size also tend to bounce light more evenly, so choose the one that will best fit your space. This is a great way to make a small space look more spacious and more airy.