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Oh, The Places Paper Can Go!


As I step into my office each morning, I’m greeted with piles on piles of colored paper. The potential and flexibility in each sheet is exciting. I could create a ship, or leaves, or a person holding a ship of leaves. Really, the opportunities are limitless. Likewise, where a paper illustration can live too are bountiful.

It was suggested to me recently that after people learn about paper illustration or props, they might not know how to plug it into their project. So let’s go over the top four use-cases: website imagery, video shoots, marketing materials, and editorial illustrations.

Website Illustrations

Hero imagery for Digital Wheelhouse

Hero imagery for Digital Wheelhouse

Hero imagery and spot illustrations are prime benefactors from paper illustrations. The beginning of this process looks at both your brand and content strategy. What and how are we going to visually communicate your message? Then, with ratios and copy space in mind, I sketch concepts which are iterated on until approval. Then it’s onto production, photography, and retouching.

Video Props

Created by William Kesling on the behalf of Focus Lab. I made the paper props.

It’s always fun (and way more time consuming) making paper props for video. The level of perfection and completion is on a whole ‘nother level. Most times in photoshoots I can get away with not creating a side or two with mishaps that are unavoidable in any handcrafted element (thank you, Photoshop!). But with video, that’s not so. The prop has to be as perfect as I can get it and sturdy. It’s challenging, but one in which I love to partake.

Marketing Campaigns


Products and companies can take on new life, and even dimensions, when paired with paper. Because paper props are different than the norm, they have an instant engagement level. However, add stop motion or other slight animations and then - BOOM! - audiences faint at the awesomeness. Okay, not really. But they are more into what you’re communicating.

Editorial Illustrations

Created for Temple University alumni magazine.

Created for Temple University alumni magazine.

Paper editorial illustrations are different in that message is king and the brand is pushed to the side, kinda. With editorial work the tone of the article drives the tone of the illustrations… not the magazine or company as a whole. Also, I love how I get to expand the narrative by illustrating different points of the article.

There ya go, the top four use-cases of my paper illustrations. One day I’d love to illustrate a children’s book, or create product and window displays, but for now I’ll stick to the lanes above.


If you have any questions about paper crafting, illustration, or photography, I’d love to answer them!

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